We love art with a good message.


Our artists are making their way as the coolest artists ever!  Devotee products are awesome because of our artists' time, talent, devotion and art.  All give Devotee the privilege of knowing and working with them.  Meet our amazing artists:


Frank Alston: Artist, educator, and designer. Originally from DC area, they now live in Philadelphia, and are never without thought as to their familial roots in North Carolina. As their work is an investigative practice of self, Frank Alston asks: 
How do we create community? How do I share my story? How do I create community? How do I inspire others to be empowered to do the same?
Check out more of Frank Alston's work at


Gabrielle Aidam:  A gem!  Honored arts scholar with the Cassandra Butts Scholarship for the Arts.  Student at Northeastern University.  From Washington, D.C. area. 


Reigna Wren:  Also a gem!  Reigna is a fine artist, future film director, and honors student from Maryland who will soon graduate from Temple University. Check out Reigna’s personal pieces and films at

Jeannie Engel:  More of a visionary than gem.  As Devotee's founder, Jeannie is not lost thanks to the artists above and a range of awesome critics.  Cornell and Michigan (MPH) long ago.  Lives and works in Washington, D.C. area (that kind of tells it all...).


Devotees believe in building good in the world - collaboratively and individually.  Devotee's fashion will look great on you and spread positive messages about voting, equity, love and working for a just and caring world.  We are for profit, but look forward to breaking even so we can donate to good causes.