​What is a FAQ?​

Devotee is brand new so we don't have questions or frequencies yet.  Nonetheless..., please see below for a few potentially useful answers. 

Limited Editions

Stocks are limited and we're psyched to introduce new products with new art as we head into the fall.  

Payment & Shipping

Find what you like.  Pay with a credit card and we'll ship it.  Depending on what's in stock, you should have your apparel within 1-3 weeks. Then dress up, spread the good word and feel happy.


Secure Ordering & Payment Options

This site is secure.  Seriously secure.  Originally we thought we'd sell Devotee products in person, but COVID forced us to get real with a secure website and commerce tool.  


Returns & Refunds

This is probably not relevant.  Every product is individually inspected both at printing and packaging.  Purchases can be worn or gifted to someone you know will love Devotee's products.  Time and expense are too low for big returns, but we'll help you out.



Thank you for shopping with us!